Enter Khurguvar
Synopsis of the Second Session

With the second session of the Friday game completed, we discovered that bugbears are a thing, and not a nice thing.

We learned that the goblins of the Empire are fairly reasonable as evil semi-fae go and that stealing Chester is an act of war.

Lastly the villain in question remains at large, ready to menace people with spikes of mythical-ness, also a morningstar.

Leaving Finsterlandt
Synopsis of Session One

Our heroines are in the process of solving a mystery at a logging camp down river from the lumber town of Finsterlandt. Hannah, a halfling who is in every respect a soldier for the Graf aside from stature and her new companion Absinithe were joined by the domitable Chester on the ride out to Haie Westhus' logging camp and investigate some disturbing attacks on the workers.

What resulted was some educational learning about the size of certain species of carrion birds in the Empire. Small insights into the proclavities of goblins and that things go bump in the night.


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